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Results & Fixtures: All Wales Teams
Results & Fixtures: All Wales Teams
*Kick off times are all local to where the match is being played
June 2014
Sat 28th Jun 1413:30FWales Women7 - 10USA WomenCross Keys RFC
July 2014
Sun 20th Jul 1415:00FIreland Women27 - 7Wales WomenMalahide RFC
Sat 26th Jul 1412:00GCG 2014-GCWales52 - 0Malaysia SevensGlasgow
Sat 26th Jul 1418:46GCG 2014-GCWales29 - 7Papua New Guinea SevensGlasgow
Sat 26th Jul 1421:26GCG 2014-GCWales12 - 19SamoaGlasgow
Sun 27th Jul 1412:29GCG 2014-QFWales19 - 21AustraliaGlasgow
Sun 27th Jul 1418:00GCG 2014-SFWales28 - 5KenyaGlasgow
Sun 27th Jul 1420:28GCG 2014-PFWales15 - 17EnglandGlasgow
August 2014
Fri 1st Aug 1420:45WRWC-9/10France Women26 - 0Wales WomenMarcoussis
Tue 5th Aug 1415:00WRWC-9/10Wales Women3 - 25Australia WomenMarcoussis
Sat 9th Aug 1417:00WRWC-9/10Wales Women35 - 3South Africa Women Marcoussis
Wed 13th Aug 1415:45WRWC-5-8New Zealand Women63 - 7Wales WomenStade Jean Bouin
Fri 15th Aug 1414:30FWales U18s21 - 24England U18sCape Town
Sun 17th Aug 1416:00WRWC-7/8Australia Women30 - 3Wales WomenMarcoussis
Tue 19th Aug 1417:30FWales U18s15 - 40SA SchoolsGeorge
Sat 23rd Aug 1414:30FWales U18s10 - 9France U18sStellenbosch
October 2014
Sat 11th Oct 14
7AU-PBWales36 - 0American SamoaCbus Super Stadium, Gold Coast
Sat 11th Oct 14
7AU-PBWales24 - 19KenyaCbus Super Stadium, Gold Coast
Sat 11th Oct 14
7AU-PBWales12 - 19South AfricaCbus Super Stadium, Gold Coast
Sun 12th Oct 14
7AU-CQFWales10 - 31FijiCbus Super Stadium, Gold Coast
Sun 12th Oct 14
7AU-PSFWales5 - 39New ZealandCbus Super Stadium, Gold Coast
November 2014
Sat 8th Nov 1414:30TestWales28 - 33AustraliaMillennium Stadium
Sat 15th Nov 1414:30TestWales17 - 13FijiMillennium Stadium
Sat 22nd Nov 1417:30TestWales16 - 34New ZealandMillennium Stadium
Sat 29th Nov 1414:30TestWales12 - 6South AfricaMillennium Stadium
December 2014
Fri 5th Dec 14
7DB-PDWales14 - 19CanadaThe Sevens, Dubai
Fri 5th Dec 14
7DB-PDWales26 - 21PortugalThe Sevens, Dubai
Fri 5th Dec 14
7DB-PDWales5 - 12South AfricaThe Sevens, Dubai
Sat 6th Dec 14
7DB-QFWales17 - 31FijiThe Sevens, Dubai
Sat 6th Dec 14
7DB-SFPWales7 - 31ScotlandThe Sevens, Dubai
Sat 13th Dec 14
7SA-PAWales29 - 5KenyaPort Elizabeth
Sat 13th Dec 14
7SA-PAWales0 - 36South AfricaPort Elizabeth
Sat 13th Dec 14
7SA-PAWales12 - 38USAPort Elizabeth
Sun 14th Dec 14
7SA-BQFWales24 - 22SamoaPort Elizabeth
Sun 14th Dec 14
7SA-BSFWales14 - 24CanadaPort Elizabeth
February 2015
Fri 6th Feb 1520:056NWales16 - 21EnglandMillennium Stadium
Fri 6th Feb 1512:427NZ-PCWales5 - 36AustraliaWestpac Stadium, Wellington
Fri 6th Feb 1515:587NZ-PCWales19 - 42FijiWestpac Stadium, Wellington
Fri 6th Feb 1518:327NZ-PCWales20 - 12PortugalWestpac Stadium, Wellington
Sat 7th Feb 1519:30U20SNWales U20s21 - 15England U20sParc Eirias
Sat 7th Feb 15
7NZ-BQFWales41 - 0Papua New Guinea SevensWestpac Stadium, Wellington
Sat 7th Feb 15
7NZ-BSFWales0 - 43FranceWestpac Stadium, Wellington
Sun 8th Feb 1514:30
Wales Women13 - 0England WomenSt Helen's
Fri 13th Feb 1518:00U20SNScotland U20s36 - 34Wales U20sNetherdale
Fri 13th Feb 15
7US-PAWales24 - 28FijiSam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas
Fri 13th Feb 15
7US-PAWales7 - 40New ZealandSam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas
Sat 14th Feb 1517:00
Scotland Women3 - 39Wales WomenBroadwood Stadium
Sat 14th Feb 15
7US-PAWales19 - 26SamoaSam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas
Sat 14th Feb 15
7US-BQFWales14 - 19ScotlandSam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas
Sun 15th Feb 1515:006NScotland23 - 26WalesBT Murrayfield
Sun 15th Feb 15
7US-SFWales12 - 19PortugalSam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas
Fri 27th Feb 1520:55
France Women28 - 7Wales WomenSapiac
Sat 28th Feb 1518:006NFrance13 - 20WalesStade de France
Sat 28th Feb 1520:55U20SNFrance U20s27 - 5Wales U20sStade Jules Ribert
March 2015
Sun 8th Mar 1513:30FFrance U18s20 - 17Wales U18sMarcoussis
Fri 13th Mar 1519:45U20SNWales U20s19 - 12Ireland U20sParc Eirias
Sat 14th Mar 1514:306NWales23 - 16IrelandMillennium Stadium
Sun 15th Mar 1512:00
Wales Women0 - 20Ireland WomenSt Helen's
Sun 15th Mar 1516:00FWales U18s23 - 15England U18sSwansea
Fri 20th Mar 1519:00U20SNItaly U20s21 - 23Wales U20sStadio Quercia
Sat 21st Mar 1513:306NItaly20 - 61WalesStadio Olimpico
Sat 21st Mar 1518:30
Italy Women22 - 5Wales WomenStadio Plebiscito
Fri 27th Mar 1518:107HK-PDWales19 - 26EnglandHong Kong Stadium
Fri 27th Mar 1519:00FIRA/AER-QFWales U18s13 - 14Italy U18sGraulhet
Sat 28th Mar 1511:347HK-PDWales12 - 40USAHong Kong Stadium
Sat 28th Mar 1515:147HK-PDWales19 - 12KenyaHong Kong Stadium
Sun 29th Mar 1510:147HK-BQFWales38 - 7Belgium 7sHong Kong Stadium
Sun 29th Mar 1513:127HK-BSFWales0 - 34ScotlandHong Kong Stadium
Tue 31st Mar 1517:00FIRA/AER-5SFWales U18s14 - 9Ireland U18 SchoolsBalma
April 2015
Sat 4th Apr 1510:007Jap-PAWales10 - 19FijiPrince Chichibu Memorial Ground
Sat 4th Apr 1513:407Jap-PAWales7 - 10EnglandPrince Chichibu Memorial Ground
Sat 4th Apr 1517:527Jap-PAWales31 - 5Hong KongPrince Chichibu Memorial Ground
Sun 5th Apr 1509:527Jap-BQFWales14 - 7ArgentinaPrince Chichibu Memorial Ground
Sun 5th Apr 1512:157Jap-BSFWales12 - 17AustraliaPrince Chichibu Memorial Ground
Tue 7th Apr 1511:00FIRA/AER-5/6Wales U18s38 - 8Portugal U18sToulouse
May 2015
Sat 9th May 1512:427SC-PCWales  v  FijiScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow
Sat 9th May 1516:107SC-PCWales  v  ScotlandScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow
Sat 9th May 1518:587SC-PCWales  v  PortugalScotstoun Stadium, Glasgow
August 2015
Sat 8th Aug 1514:30TestWales  v  IrelandMillennium Stadium
Sat 29th Aug 1514:30TestIreland  v  WalesAviva Stadium
September 2015
Sat 5th Sep 1517:00TestWales  v  ItalyMillennium Stadium
Sun 20th Sep 1514:30RWC-PAWales  v  UruguayMillennium Stadium
Sat 26th Sep 1520:00RWC-PAEngland  v  WalesTwickenham Stadium
October 2015
Thu 1st Oct 1516:45RWC-PAWales  v  FijiMillennium Stadium
Sat 10th Oct 1516:45RWC-PAAustralia  v  WalesTwickenham Stadium
February 2016
Sun 7th Feb 1615:006NIreland  v  WalesAviva Stadium
Sat 13th Feb 1616:506NWales  v  ScotlandMillennium Stadium
Fri 26th Feb 1620:056NWales  v  FranceMillennium Stadium
March 2016
Sat 12th Mar 1616:006NEngland  v  WalesTwickenham Stadium
Sat 19th Mar 1614:306NWales  v  ItalyMillennium Stadium
February 2017
Sun 5th Feb 1715:006NItaly  v  WalesStadio Olimpico
Sat 11th Feb 1716:506NWales  v  EnglandMillennium Stadium
Sat 25th Feb 1714:256NScotland  v  WalesBT Murrayfield
March 2017
Fri 10th Mar 1720:056NWales  v  IrelandMillennium Stadium
Sat 18th Mar 1715:456NFrance  v  WalesStade de France
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